Who am I?

My name is Jennifer Hart and I was born in 1989 in the Netherlands. Growing up, I loved horses and anything fantasy – which is how I rolled into games.

My dad used to play Heroes of Might & Magic III, as well as Might & Magic VI – VIII. I used to watch. Eventually, I played too. I remember playing HOMMIII one day, then storming down the stairs because I was offered a choice, completely ignoring my visiting relatives to ask my dad ‘Which do I pick? Ore or wood?‘ as I hadn’t yet realized you could see your resources at the bottom of the screen. Genius, right?

Anyway, a love of gaming led me to choose an education in IT, which is how I met my amazing boyfriend Lars. We were friends before we got together, so we moved in together rather quickly. We’ve recently bought our first house! Sadly, my illness (CFS) prevented me from finishing school and still bothers me to this day. Lars has been super supportive throughout the whole ordeal!

We share a love for games and play them together whenever we can.