What do I play?

While I hop from game to game, I’m usually playing at least one MMO with the rest of Intrepid Society. If not, all my time is probably being taken up by games such as The Elder Scrolls series, Fallout 3/New Vegas/4 or even Minecraft. Mods make everything better!

Otherwise, I might be trying my hand at taming dinosaurs or getting my Sims to to figure out how to get to the toilet before their carpool shows up.

Anyway, feel free to look me up in a game, here’s an overview of which character I play where.

Steam & Battle.net IDs

Jenn#21524 – my battle.net ID
Jenn – a link to my steamprofile

World of Warcraft – Doomhammer EU

Malixia – A Blood Elf Warlock, with loads of pets thanks to Demonology

Aelenna – a Blood Elf Priest, juggling healing and dps as Discipline.

Jenzhao – a Pandaren Monk Mistweaver.

Daemona – A Blood Elf Demon Hunter, who may or may not be the worst tank ever.

Guild Wars 2 – Aurora Glade

Jenni Le Fur – a Human Necromancer with an army of minions.

Jenni Le Blanc – a Human Elementalist wielding a staff.

Jenni Le Twig – a Sylvari Mesmer getting confused and befuddled by her build.

Jenni Le Scrub – a Sylvari Ranger I’m leveling with Lars’ elementalist.

Catherine Ironfist – a Human Warrior, made to resemble Queen Catherine from Heroes of Might & Magic 3.

Final Fantasy XIV – Zodiark

Jenn Apollo – A Scholar who plays with carbuncles on her nights off. Also spends a lot of time decorating the FC House/her Personal Chambers.