August 18 2016

Yay! The house will be ours!

After visiting the house I described in my previous post, Lars and I were so impressed by the house, the neighbourhood and the village that we seriously started considering putting in an offer. We talked about it, went over all the pros and cons and finally decided that yes, we would put one in.

Lars called me this morning – the estate agent told him the offer has been accepted! The current owners agree to move out before December 23rd, which gives us a couple of months to get everything sorted as well as save up some extra cash for the furniture we’ll have to buy. Like a fridge and washing machine. A vacuum cleaner. A dining room table.

Yesterday, I asked a magic 8ball if we would get the house. It replied with ‘it is certain’. To really hammer home the point, the postman brought us an IKEA catalog just after Lars told me the offer was accepted! Omens everywhere

I’m so excited that I’m even reinstalling the Sims to build and furnish our house-to-be!