April 26 2017

Modded Kneirim Farm

Since I’m inordinately proud of my modified Kneirim Farm, I decided to show it off in a video. The video itself is quite barebones as there are some features I simply can’t show yet, such as the Storefront support. My character simply isn’t married yet. I did manage to show the buying of animals through the ledger, and the evidence of TMPhoenix’s Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions support is visible – if nothing else, you can see the training dummies children use when playing.

Of course, you might see this video and wonder at the number of beds. I originally only wanted a home for three people – player, spouse and one child. But sadly that’s not something HMA is built for as it uses the vanilla requirements for child-friendly homes. So if I┬ádo move in with two children, one will just have to sleep on the floor, haha. At least there’s a carpet and a bunch of pillows, right?

Since it needs to be said – this modification is for personal use only. I didn’t get permission to use Kneirim as a base, and I used a bunch of resources I had in my Data files, they probably belong to other mods. So this won’t be available anywhere.