June 21 2017

FFXIV: Stormblood!

As you may have gathered from my absence, I’ve been varying degrees of busy and exhausted for a while now. I started working on a housing mod I could share, which I ended up restarting from scratch. We finally got a new kitchen for the house, but those were a trying few weeks for me. And now, with Stormblood’s release, I’ve raced my Scholar to 70. The heat is keeping me from sleeping properly anyway.

I’m absolutely loving some of the new fights, but loving the changes to Scholar a lot less. I’ll stick with it though – love my fairies!

So, to start of the new xpac I’ve been taking a few screenshots and messing with the new gpose. I’ll need to redo it once I settle on a new glamour, but for now, I like this one.