October 4 2016


While life always has its ups and downs, I find that dealing with mild frustrations becomes really difficult when you’ve overdone it.

I should take a page out of Elsa’s book and just let it go, but since I seem incapable of that at the moment I’ve decided to rant about my frustrations instead.

Now, as I’ve mentioned before, Intrepid Society is raiding again. By now, we’ve downed all normal bosses twice – except Xavius. We didn’t get him down before the reset and our raidleader decided we’d start with Nythendra again this week. The extra drops should help us once we set foot into heroic.

Sounds good, right? Yeah, but I don’t think we’re gonna make it to heroic. Our dps has been on the low side for the past few raids, cutting it close on enrage timers and healer mana. Add to that a person so thickheaded he’ll try to dispell tank debuffs on Xavius when his corruption bar is nearly full and we’ve got a recipe for a big batch of wipes.

Of course, one person being an idiot wouldn’t be a problem – except you turn into a big monster when you get fully corrupted. This big monster needs to be tanked and killed, leaving you down one healer. This didn’t happen once, but multiple times. To the same person. Sometimes even twice in the same pull – thanks Reincarnate.

Then this person decided that him turning into a monster was the other healers’ fault. Not down to him not paying attention to his corruption, no, other healers should be dispelling more. One of the others linked skada for the dispells and they were quite evenly distributed. Did this stop the idiot in his accusations? Of course not.

This was last Thursday. Tonight we’re gonna try Xavius again and hopefully start in heroic.. and then we’ll see what happens.

On Friday I travelled to see my parents. On Saturday, my parents, sister & I went to see our house-to-be, look around the town, that sort of thing. Saturday evening, Lars and I hung out with guildies in The Hague. Sunday, Lars’ sister came to visit, bringing her husband and their daughter along before we all went to have dinner with other relatives.

As Leo the physiotherapist put it: I had a normal weekend.

And I am exhausted. Yesterday’s trip to the grocery store and visit to the physio did nothing to increase my rest, so I’m taking today to do that. Hopefully I’m not a complete derp during the raid tonight.

But that exhaustion also means I get really grumpy – especially when Mr. Idiot Healer gives advice based on experiences he had three expansions ago, as well as being just plain wrong. I mean, he said Mistweaver Monks have no raid cds. Really?!  Then what’s Revival? He’s also ‘on the fence’ about Discipline. What’s there to be on the fence about? You’re not even playing Discipline! You’re a Shammy!

He’s probably just looking at the healing meters. Yes, I’m often last. But I’m also usually alive at the end of a fight and I deal ~2% of the damage done.

Now I know you can’t fix stupid, certainly not when stupid is this certain he’s right. It’s like he’s taken on the mantle of ‘healing officer’, even though there’s no need for one.