January 20 2017


Two days ago I did a bunch of stuff. I vacuumed and did the dishes, waited for my parents to arrive and went shopping with them. Fitbit shows 8.7k steps! That’s a lot, considering my daily goal is 2k. I set my goal so low on purpose – if I can hit it consistently and not overdo it, I’ll up it to 3k. And so on and so forth. Anyway, that day went very well and was fun. The day after however, I woke up tired and grouchy and depressed.

I was so confused! I set roughly¬†7k steps for 2 days in a row a while back and that didn’t make me feel this way! I grumpily went to take my pills – only to find I’d forgotten them at dinner the day before. Lesson learned – take your damn pills. To make sure I do, I’ve set an alarm for 17:30.

Yesterday, I just didn’t feel like doing anything. I played like 5 minutes of Skyrim, then did one run of Weeping City on my SMN (who got gear and is now finally ilvl 210!) and that’s it. Thankfully, I’m feeling better today. Still tired, but less grumpy and depressed. So for now I’ll continue my Skyrim playthrough. I also think I might set up a Jenn’s Memories: FFXIV edition. I take a lot¬†of screenshots in that game and it’d be fun to show them all off.