May 4 2017

Reroll time!

After a few days of playing SSE I find myself thinking ‘oh, that could be a fun build too!’. I try to resist, but in the end I’m weak and I reroll.

Yes, I still want to try a Speechcraft bard build. But it’s hard to get to the perks that allow you to use the lute without cooldown and in battle. Yes, there are ways around that, but they’re kind of exploity. I think I’ll wait for SKSE64 and Your Market Stall instead. Yes, I also still want to try a sneakthief-summoned undead-assassin, but I don’t actually like sneaking. Or the Thieves’ Guild, really. I’d be okay with the Dark Brotherhood, but it feels kind of weird. Sure, you set out looking for justice for a kid, but then what? You stay to work of a debt? Because you simply enjoy murder? It’s not as if they have Writs like the Morag Tong…

So I went back to square one. With another new haircut. This time I’m going for a passive Restoration mage thing. Like a priest that inspiresĀ her companions. I’ll get my hands on Ocato’s Recital to automagically cast -Flesh spells, maybe something to level Illusion too. Muffle? I’m not sure what else is a beneficial self-targeted Illusion spell. PerhapsĀ Dispel Magic. Apocalypse is one of the better spell mods I’ve found in all my time playing Skyrim.

Anyways, I’ll probably remove the previous Jenn’s Journal entries. Start from scratch, again.

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