January 16 2017


It’s quite possible those two acronyms mean nothing to you – that’s quite alright. It just means I’m done with Legion (for now). Our ‘hardcore’ raiders went on to play with likeminded people, which is quite understandable – but left us with the casual players. Which would be fine, but some of those were simply not playing very well – which meant we got stuck on normal Helya as we simply did not have the dps to transition through phases smoothly. Healer mana would be low, unless we ran more healers, but more healers meant a bigger boss healthpool. Signups dwindled, spamming our discord chat with requests for signups quickly stopped helping. We ended up simply calling it all until Nighthold comes out, but I’m not sure we’ll have the numbers required to raid then.

So I hopped on the Final Fantasy XIV bandwagon. A few guildies started playing again and it’s all been good fun so far. I started working on my Anima weapon again, which is slow going but satisfying. I’m also playing The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Special Edition now. You’d think that after about a thousand hours in the regular version I’d be sick of it, but I’m not. I’m sure mods are responsible – there’s just so many neat additions to the game! The only sad part is that quite a few of my favourite mods can’t be ported to the special edition yet. They require SKSE to function properly, which is not out yet for the special edition. I’ve also decided to write down my character’s adventures. It’s a bit silly, yes. But it’s a fun way to keep me busy while I RP-walk everywhere.

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