August 22 2016


By the time I finished installing the Sims 4 and mods and actually got to building a house, it was time to do other stuff. First we had visitors, then raid night. I missed a bunch of bosses, but I don’t mind. It was still fun to just join in

Of course, since a guildie mentioned wanting to build a castle in Minecraft, Lars tasked me with setting that up. After looking at mods for 1.9.4 (some new ones seem so awesome), I reluctantly went with the Unabridged pack for 1.7.10. It’s easy to set up, contains all the wishes of various guildies and there’s plenty of texture packs available. So I’ve been very busy doing all of that, and then I went to find a spot to build my treehouse. I decided on playing with Botania and Tinker’s Construct, so I also spent some time modifying my skin. It’s Poison Ivy inspired

Life has also been busy – Lars looked into the temporary contract we got from the estate agent, had some modifications made and he’s going to be signing it tomorrow!


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